Dykes Creek Baptist Church

Welcome to DCBC, we want to invite the community of Rome, Georgia to worship with us.

Dykes Creek Baptist Church, “A Church with a Mission, a People with a Vision,” is an enthusiastic church committed to serving its community. Located at 46 Dykes Creek Church Rd, off Kingston Highway, the church is nestled in the heart of the Dykes Creek and Johnson communities, and serves many of the families living in these areas. The church was established in 1945, and our ministry has grown tremendously over the years as a beacon of God’s love and faithfulness to our congregation. 

True to our mission statement, we are a congregation committed to the mission of serving our community, and welcome all those who enter our doors. We seek to make everyone feel welcome, from all ages and walks of life, and are eager to help families that wish to dive into The Word and deepen their walk with Christ. Whether you are a new Christian or veteran in the way of the cross, there is a place for you at DCBC, with varying Sunday school classes, and places to plug into the ministry that suits your needs! Come see us!

DCBC Announcements

Schedule Times

Sunday Morning Classes | 9:30am - 10:30am

Sunday Morning Service | 10:30am - 11:30am

Wednesday Evening Adult Choir | 7:00pm

Wednesday Evening Youth Events | 6:30pm 

You can now pay tithe & other donations online using our 

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Sunday morning worship services are now being live streamed. 

Tune in live at 10:30am every Sunday. Click the link below to access.

*** Sunday Morning Service 7-14-2023 ***